My guide

For children

The French Riviera Pass are proposed at a single rate.

According to the age child and the activities we are interested in, I can use this table to calculate the total price for each child : this will enable me to determine whether it is worthwhile buying him or her a French Riviera Pass .

  • I select the column which corresponds to the age of my child(ren) and tick the boxes of the rows of the activities I am interested in

  • The total amount for each child is automatically calculated at the bottom of the table



Some further information :

All sites proposed are free of charge for children up to the age of 3 years

The following sites are free for under 18's :

  • Musée National du Sport
  • Musées Matisse, Lascaris, Masséna, Beaux-Arts, Art Naïf, Archéologie Cimiez & Terra Amata, Histoire Naturelle, MAMAC, Musée de la Photographie Charles Nègre
  • Centre d'Art Villa Arson
  • Musées Picasso, Peynet, Archéologie, le Fort Carré (Antibes)
  • Grimaldi Forum

The following sites are free for under 26's :

  • Musée National Marc Chagall
  • Château Musée Grimaldi et Musée Renoir
  • Musée National Fernand Léger
  • Villa Grecque Kerylos
  • Nouveau Musée National de Monaco